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Ask Curbed SF: Trying Timber at 1650 Jackson Street

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Stop laboring under the delusion: You don't know everything about San Francisco, and neither do we. Enter Ask Curbed SF, wherein you wring your hands over our inbox, and we divulge your secrets relay your concerns to the rest of everyone else. Somewhere out there lies the answer, trust us.

[Putting the block on 1650 Jackson Street; image courtesy the MLS]

A weekend report from reader Lisa:

"Today, I went to an Open House at 1650 #408 Jackson. When I asked about the trees growing and blocking the view, the person present told me the HOA will not top off the trees. They will "trim" the trees but not cut them. When I asked for clarification about "trim", he became annoyed and refused to discuss the trees any longer. He said SF does not have a policy regarding trees and views like other counties do. Marin's policy is the buyer is entitled to the view they purchase. If a tree grows higher or fuller, the buyer/owner can have the tree trimmed back where it was on the date of purchase, at the owner's expense. Do you know if SF has that policy?"

We know that one of you (thinking of one particular reader here ...) will find the city's policy. Whom among you, however, have faced such an ordeal while searching for property or following a purchase?
· 1650 Jackson Street #408 [MLS] UPDATE— The offending trees, live and direct from our reader's balcony! Writes Lisa: "As you can see, those trees will grow higher and fuller. Eventually, the view from the master bedroom window will be of the trees and you won't be able to see the bay in the background."