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Reader Rant: Offer Rejected!

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More than anything, we see Curbed SF as a collection of readers' experiences in the city, whether buying, renting, or simply traipsing about the neighborhood. (Tell us your tales, whether tall or small!) Following this weekend's round of open houses, we received the following report from a prospective buyer— keep those coming, by the way.

About a week ago we ran a post on 430-432 Fair Oaks Street in Noe Valley, a looming duplex on the block for $1,698,000 asking. We likened it to a haunted house while questioning the well, questionable pipe that runs the length of its banister. One of our readers (who shall remain anonymous here) placed an offer to no avail. Dejected house hunter, vent to us:

Hey - with respect to your posting about 430-432 fair oaks, it's an
interesting place. I was looking at it, it's a pretty neat place,
but needs a fair bit of structural work. Made an offer for a bit
less than asking price last week, only to have the agent tell us that
she'd received another offer in the previous ten minutes and that the
sellers were completely inflexible on price. The next day they RAISED
the asking price $200k. An interesting approach, to be sure, but
then again this may be what you get when your real estate agent is

related to you. File this one away under "things that make you go "hmmm ..."
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