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Batteries Minus: Chain Blocked at Divisadero and Oak

Forget about the Starbucks: here comes Batteries Plus. Or rather, here doesn't come Batteries Plus— Residents near and around the intersection of Divisadero and Oak exercised rights granted under Proposition G, denying the business access to the nabe at a November 1st Planning Commission meeting. This coalition of neighborhood groups— Haight Divisadero Neighbors and Merchants, Alamo Square Neighborhood Association, North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association and Central City Progressives— are not to be screwed with: Burger King, Domino’s Pizza and Blockbuster have been been shunned, making room instead for local favorites Mojo Bicycle Café and Madrone Lounge, among others.

The nabes has a particular vendetta against cars— fine. Batteries Plus is a franchise— again, fine and good. Another concern expressed in the complaint, however, is that the chain will draw traffic from other parts of the city— batteries are, as we know, a crucial part of human existence. Here, we think, is where the commitment to "keeping it in the fam" may be a bit overzealous: Down with chain businesses! Up with ... gated communities? Ha!
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