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Noe Sweet Spot: 1242 Sanchez Street

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We visited 1242 Sanchez St. at Clipper St. this weekend; it's the lower unit of an Edwardian 2-condo complex right in the heart of Noe Valley. We know, we know: sellers always gloss properties as "the heart of this" or "the heart of that," but the location is really in Noe's sweet spot—far enough off 24th and Church that you have some peace & quiet and fairly manageable street parking, yet close enough to easily participate in all the quaint commercialism in the area. J-Church just a short walk too; 24th St. BART station not so far either. Easy access to the freeway from here as well. The ask is $799k; the sq. footage, about 925. It last sold in August 2005 for $715k. HOA dues are a minimal $100/month. And it's a pretty interesting space to boot. Is the price a bit much (about $865 per sq. ft.)? We've heard that if no offers come this week, the sellers are taking it off the market and regrouping for the traditionally hotter spring season.

The eat-in kitchen is probably the showpiece room, and it is nice: tile floors, high ceilings, and granite counters (which may have run their course, but they fit in this space just fine). The bathroom is split; the one with the shower is nice, but the one with the toilet is slightly claustrophobic. The rest of the unit comprises five relatively tiny rooms with hardwood flooring, which an owner can sort of repurpose to match his or her tastes. The guest room was big enough for a twin bed but would be a perfect office or nursery as well. The small bedroom probably needs to stay a bedroom, but its proximity to the front living room gives some combination options.

If the eat-in kitchen's not good enough for you, there's a room off the kitchen (staged as a den) that could be a formal, if modest, dining room. The unit has its own deck area (bonus: the outdoor gas grill comes with the house); there's some shared outdoor space as well. There's storage space and shared laundry in the basement. All in all, this seems to be a fine, flexible place to live for perhaps two adults to start a family—unfortunately, the price point may be a bit high for a starter home. In our opinion, one person could really be quite comfortable here, though.
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exterior image courtesy Zephyr Realty