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Home Swap!: Europe for Tahoe and ... Danville

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For millionaires only: Home swap, anyone? An East Bay family is looking to take the little angels on a European vacation and enjoy a "very nice setting" while they're at it. The offer: a $1.7 million Tahoe vacation pad for the use of a similar property abroad. (That said, we hope they've posted this ad in other outlets beyond San Francisco!) Perks include a furnished and fully loaded space: high-end electronic equipment, plasma screens in each room. Kitchen pimped with Meile appliances, cappuccino machine. No bidet listed, though the family may be willing to toss in their San Ramon/Danville private residence as part of the deal. Perfect for those who want to experience real San Francisco city life, right?
· Million dollar Tahoe home & SF Home for Your Million Dollar Home! [Craigslist]