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Sorry, Fluffy: 'No New Pet' Clause for Renters

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Have you heard about "no replacement pets" clauses for renters? It's language in a tenant's lease (presumably added when a new owner comes in) stating that while current pets are fine, once they're gone (i.e. dead), you're both pet-less—and in danger of eviction. We're torn: we suppose it's better for new landlords to allow tenants to keep existing pets than immediately try to give either the renters or the critters the boot. However, this half-measure also strikes us as a little cruel: the clause may not be fully appreciated until the tenant is experiencing the emotional devastation of losing that pet—hardly a time to start apartment hunting. Tough milk-bones, renters: the Chron's "Rental Roundtable" Q&A feature confirms: it is an enforceable law. Ah, perhaps they'll just need to break out that old trick, usually reserved for pre-schoolers, and make sure "Fluffy 2" looks just like the original.
· Landlord can add 'no replacement pets' clause [SF Gate]

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