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Weekend Review: Video Edition

You may have noticed that we're adding weekend coverage around these parts— nothing too heavy, just a few tasty bits to keep you entertained over coffee, or after an exhausting day of (fruitful ... or not) property stalking. Let's get lazy with a video review. The week of October 28th to today, November 4th began with the dramz: the LA fires, Halloween controversy, an earthquake ... thankfully, we mellowed out toward the end of the week, returning to the usual: homes, nabes, and the ever-present discussion on the state of the real estate market. Oh, and some green stuff, natch.

These videos, along with others we've collected, will be archived to our Curbed SF YouTube account. Have a vid of your own you'd like to add to the quene? Cut, paste, send.

About that earthquake .... A low rumble (5.6 on the Richter scale) jostled San Francisco and its environs on the Tuesday, the 30th. Our readers delivered the (minimal) damage report, while we all considered the value of earthquake insurance. Add a a little camp to your morning with the legendary 1906 sequence from "San Francisco," the 1936 film directed by W.S. Van Dyke and staring legends Clark Gable and Jeanette Mac Donald. (We chose Clark Gable over Loma Prieta carnage; hope no one minds.) [courtesy YouTuber Zacatown]

Halloween hit the skids on the 31st, as predicted; we caught a bit of the non-action that night, and missed the revelry of years past. Let's travel back in time for a moment: When departing for the Castro in 2006, Little did these MUNI revelers know that they were about to partake in (what just might be) the last celebration of its kind. [courtesy YouTuber 654654321321]

Hey, don't think we forgot about the constant back-and-forth over the state of California real estate. Back on October 15th, Ross McGowan of KTVU Channel 2 interviewed Pete Sabine on financing, jumbo loans, buying a home, selling a home, mortgage information, interest rates, supply and demand. We find the news so much more entertaining when re-posted on YouTube. You? [courtesy You Tube real estate lover petesabine.]

Finally, we took a look at Renzo Piano's living roof, designed for the California Academy of Sciences. Chron real estate columnist Carol Lloyd wonders if the green roof movement is about to launch a revolution; we think the uprising has already begun. Here's a Chron-produced tour of the space— enjoy. [Courtesy YouTube user vglshn.]

Until tomorrow ... xoxo, Curbed SF