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The Curbed Cup: The Neighborhood That Ruled '07

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Curbed network blogs the nation over are closing out the year with a reader vote to award the Curbed Cup to the Neighborhood of the Year, fantasy football style. Starting next week, we'll begin a four-week elimination tournament among the year's top neighborhoods to determine the winner. Madness shall ensue as it always does when San Franciscans squabble over nabes. But before you unleash your inner armchair geographer, we need your help. Have any strong feelings as to which neighborhoods had the biggest and best year in terms of real estate development, advances in dining/nightlife and breakthroughs in retail? Your input would be greatly appreciated, so we can narrow the list down and seed accordingly. Let us know what hoods you think deserve consideration, and the reasons why. Then check back on Monday as the tournament kicks off, and vote your choice on to glory! Following the many nabe battles we've engaged in over the past months (such as our all-time favorite reader flogging received during our first week on the job) we're hotly anticipating your nominations and votes. In fact, we already have a call in to our bookie.