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Eater Tastings: A Peek Inside, A Seat Outside

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T.G.I.F. like never before. Every Friday before we hit happy hora to drown away the week behind us, Curbed SF and Eater SF attempt to recount one another's weeks. It's a worthy exercise— just like saying the alphabet backwards while sober.

[Yoshi's interior; We needn't point out the lighting, but in just in case ... ]

1) Yoshi's has arrived. Though the restaurant doesn't open for another 24 hours, Eater SF already crossed the front lines. While we're still decoding the interior intel, snaking staircases, foliage, a Tibetan statue or two, and some very risky lighting choices round out what we've seen of the design. We're looking forward to many evenings' worth of on-site analysis.

2) Triumphing in the face of the North Beach Pizza Ban of 2007, Eater SF forges on in search of the Best Pizza in San Francisco. Given the gravity of the situation at hand, reader response was predictably passionate.

3) No doubt inspired by the bevy of now-ubiquitous orange chairs scattered across Mint Plaza, Supervisor Carmen Chu has introduced a proposal that will cut both permit and inspection fees for cafes offering outdoor seating. North Beach, we know the pizza thing has been rough, but it looks like the city is trying to make nice-nice here.