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CurbedWire: Holiday Hijinks Abound

AROUND CURBED SF— Our pre-holiday dance card is filling up fast. Join us for the festivities: Last call for the Curbed SF SWL 337 Planning Challenge! Procrastinators have until Monday to make their brilliance known unto us, though we might be a bit lenient if moved by the holiday spirit or somesuch. (See contest crib sheet for details.) Next up: The Curbed Cup. Which nabe got the most action during 2007? Where did San Francisco grow and change for the best? We're engaging a full-on, cross-network tourney to suss out the answer in NYC, LA, and SF, respectively. Nominate your nabes here, and then brace for a grueling four weeks' worth of elimination action until we narrow down a winner just in time to start all over again in 2008.