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Holiday Special: Lounging in the Presidio

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The Craigslist housing forums have grown only more amusing in the past weeks as homeowners concoct creative ploys to swap/ shill their homes for the holidays. Introducing Holiday Special, Curbed SF's new seasonal feature. Join us for the next month or so as we study the latest form of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Searching for a holiday swap? Let us broker the deal.

Roommates Mo and Gypsy are totally looking for an "easy going, relatively neat, person who is open minded" to crash at their two story, three bedroom Presidio townhouse for the month of December. Your prospective roomies' bios, straight from the back of their most recent novels:

Mo is a female in her mid-twenties- “I enjoy life in the details, whether that means observing people and my surroundings, rockin’ out to some great beats, hanging out with my friends, camping or being crafty.” Gypsy is a female in her late twenties- “I love being outside- camping, hiking, cycling, yoga, whatever?” She also enjoys cooking, listening to music, and the occasional art project.

$800 for the month. Internet and utilities. No pets. Bonus outdoor sofa included at no extra charge.
· $800 Gorgeous Ocean Views - December sublet (laurel hts / presidio) [Craigslist]