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Manilow Lives: Giants' Holiday Ice Spectacular

San Francisco welcomes another temporary skating rink for the holidays: AT&T Park. While the beloved yearly stalwart, the Justin Herman Plaza Rink, people now have the option of skating in with the Giants until Dec. 15. Folks can strap on the blades for the entire season at $40, or $20 per day for adults and $15 for kids—including skates. (Ride the bench for $5, wimp.) Being a spectator at the Justin Herman Rink is, of course, free, and entertainment like no other (as one Yelper puts it, "What could be better than watching overly confident adults eat sh**?") The Giants rink is likely a one-time thing, as it's actually a promotional stunt for the Brian Boitano/Barry Manilow Ice Spectacular, a sure-to-be riveting event set to Manilow's latest album "The Greatest Songs of the Seventies." Dorothy Hamill will also rock the ice (bring back the bowl cut, pleease) as will other gold stars. And yes, that is an intern's artist's rendering of the yet-to-come performance. Anticipation: mounting.
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[best rendering *ever* courtesy]