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Public Opinion Sought on "Green" Oakland Development

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Tiptoeing gingerly across the bridge for a moment ... Oakland's Planning Commission will grant its public an audience at 6 p.m. this evening, in City Hall. On the agenda? Proposed plans for Emerald Hills, a green-hued (green washed?) 42-story building— the tallest in the East Bay, should it be built. Hell shall be raised, no doubt, as the tower is set to occupy the former Alfred Shilling Estate, a lush garden that harbors fully matured redwood trees. Berkeley tree sitters, posse up! The slender tower (only 10 units per floor) would included requisite parking and restaurant space. The 457 foot building "has one of the smallest footprints for a building its (height) in the Bay Area, if not the country," says project architect Ian Birchall. Residents were given the opportunity to say their piece over the summer; their responses will be totally taken into consideration at tonight's meeting. While some are on board, one Oakland denizen is not: "Take your 42-story building and shove it!" read this person's written response. We knew we should've moved to Oakland.
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