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Sketch City: Your Black Muslim Bakery Buyer Soon Revealed

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A very illustrious real estate transaction is about to go down in Oakland— at 3 p.m. today, to be exact. The new owner of the former headquarters of Your Black Muslim Bakery may soon be made known following a live auction in the office of YBMB trustee Tevis Thompson's lawyer, Eric Nyberg, who will then submit the bid to U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Edward Jellen for possible approval. Suffice to say, recent— and historical— goings-on at the bakery, a 14,000, L-shaped space at 5832-5838 San Pablo Avenue and a residential duplex at 1083 59th Street, have been questionable at best, and abominable at worst. All other YBMB-related dramz aside (this post can only go on for so long) Noor Jehan Bey, baby momma to four of the late YBMB founder Yusuf Ali Bey's children, offered an $899,000 initial bid on the space back in September. Enter Esperanza Johnson, Bey's broker who, along with her husband, have allegedly wreaked havoc (a.k.a. defrauded) buyers in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Bidders had until November 16th to toss their hats; a few have trickled in, reportedly, and at least one has been withdrawn. S.K.E.T.C.H.Y. What's that spell? Sketchy.
· Bakery's new owner may soon be known [Oakland Tribune]