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Manga! Manga!: Japantown's J-Pop Center

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Japantown is one neighborhood that ain't sitting still. The new Sundance version of the Kabuki is opening in a couple weeks; plans for a high-rise are in the works. Of particular excitement: the current building at 1746 Post St. is to be demolished and the J-Pop Center will be constructed in its place. Viz Pictures announced that the J-Pop center and its Japanese pop culture-oriented businesses will be anchored by a 150-seat movie theater. Viz Pictures, an offshoot of a leading stateside manga/anime publisher/licensor, will be a part owner and in charge of the lineup. With manga and anime's increasing popularity in North America, the theater, with its mix of popular and hard-to-get exports (both animated and live action), is sure to drive foot traffic to the small business in this 'hood. The final plans for the J-Pop Center will be presented to the community in January 2008, after which the demolition should start; the center should be open for business in about a year from then. Bring on the Pocky!
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