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Curbed SWL 337 Planning Challenge: Pre-Reveal

Yesterday we promised a preview. Today, we deliver. From an undisclosed reader (we're protecting the identities of the innocent— for the moment) we present the following statement:

Two pop cultural forces informed my concept for SWL 337: The first was Biosphere 2, a science experiment launched back in September of 1991. Remember those four bright eyed and bushy tailed ecologists who trapped themselves under glass for two years? If my memory serves me correctly, someone ended up knocked up by the end of that project— but I digress. My other source of inspiration came from none other than Homer Simpson himself. Recall the episode where Homer's dumping of toxic chemicals prompts the government to declare Springfield and environmental disaster zone and encase it in its very own glass bubble? Why not transform SWL 337 into its very own biosphere? It could totally save the environment and be a mixed-use project: Alice Waters and Cafe Gratitude can collaborate on an on-site restaurant/ spa/ meditation center. Don Fisher can import his entire sweatshop from China and Vietnam, too. Imagine the import/export revenue that alone could add. We'll channel the MUNI beneath the whole shebang, not unlike France's Chunnel. And we can charge that much to ride it, too! Parking be damned. Readers? There's still time for you to get with the program. In brief: ONE idea, ONE descriptive paragraph, ONE rendering. Deets below. Entries here. $500 on the line.
· Curban Planning: Enter the Curbed SF "SWL 337" Planning Challenge