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Transbay Terminal, Meet NYC's West Side Railyards

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New York Times architecture critic Nicoli Ouroussoff is so not happy with the redevelopment proposals for West Side railyards recently unveiled by New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority, as he feels that for the most part, the plans "embody the kind of tired, generic planning formulas that appear wherever big development money is at stake." Naturally, we're most interested in the design submitted by FX Fowle and Pelli Clarke Pelli. Ouroussoff's verdict:

A proposal by FXFowle and Pelli Clarke Pelli for the Durst Organization and Vornado Realty Trust is slightly less disturbing. Following a similar plan, it would be anchored by a new tower for Condé Nast Publications to the north, and a row of residential towers extending to the west. Sinuous, elevated pedestrian walkways would wind their way through the site just above the proposed public park. Anyone else feel like Pelli Clarke Pelli channeled the Transbay Terminal Towers when conceptualizing the West Side railyard plan? Or perhaps vice-versa?
· In Plans for Railyards, a Mix of Towers and Parks [NYT] ['Shopped out rendering courtesy FX Fowle, Pelli Clarke Pelli, and the New York Times]