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Curbed SF SWL 337 Planning Challenge: Giants Up the Ante

It. Is. On. The San Francisco Giants have challenged Curbed SF to a duel: After joining forces with Baltimore-based developer Cordish Co. the team will make a bid for SWL 337. Our SWL 337. And they just might win: San Francisco-based Farallon Capital Management and architect SMWM have been recruited for Team Takeover, and Cordish Co. specializes in mixed-use projects involving ballparks. The Giants have provided us all with a chance to prove our creative superiority (you can kick those jocks' asses after all!) Curbed readers, we cannot falter and we cannot fear: now is the time to rally around the Curbed SF SWL 337 Planning Challenge. Tomorrow we'll strike up the pep rally with an entry reveal or two. Goooooo Curbed SWL 337 Planning Challenge!
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