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Construction Watch: Affordable on Alabama Street

The production line is humming along at 18th and Alabama Streets, where the Citizens Housing Company has begun construction on a mixed use development that when completed will house 117 affordable units, 34 condominiums, and 15,000 square feet of community/ commercial/ industrial arts space (we've seen all three descriptions applied to the project.) Architects Solomon E.T.C. (Broadway Family Apartments, Beideman Place Townhouses) are on board the Good Ship Affordable Living, as is general contractor James E. Roberts-Obayashi Corporation. While we've only come across a single low-res image of the project model, we are curious as to how the as-yet-unknown design might mesh with the surrounding nabe. Thinking Valencia Gardens here ...
· Citizen's Housing Corporation [website]
· Solomon E.T.C. [Website]
· James E. Roberts-Obayashi Corporation [website]