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Meme Alert: Shoot Your Neighbors!

"Rotten Neighbors" has effectively jumped the shark. Forget about anonymous flames and geotagging: take it to the next level with Shoot Your Neighbors, a sniper how-to guide photography project that asks participants to do the following: Download and print the lyrics to everyone's favorite Sesame Street feel-good tune "These Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood." Then (now here's where it gets tricky) actually approach people in your neighborhood and ask them to hold the lyrics while they pose for a photograph. Snap, collect, and ship off to the site. Shoot Your Neighbors has quite the following in San Francisco; the Good Vibes kids above posed for Mission photog David Gartner. Heather Powazek Champ and Derek Powazek have covered Cole Valley, while Jessica Donohoe hit up Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto. ('Cause Berkeley is just so ghetto, you know?) Good times.
· Shoot Your Neighbors [website]