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The Ploy: "Standard Room With Sink"

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Welcome to The Ploy, Curbed SF's new feature, and an award ceremony for those with the best (or worst) marketing skillzzz out there. Expect to see The Ploy pop up when we stumble across a clever scheme— and we're not just talking price reductions and free microwaves here, people. Thinking out of the box while designing, building, or shilling, if even to your own detriment? Please, do tell.

Let's ease gently into this post-holiday week with a private screening of "Standard Room With a Sink," the Sundance Visionary Award-winning tour of a single bedroom located in a Lower Haight Victorian. Shared bathroom, kitchen, "premium quality pillow-top queen-sized mattress." $1,200/ month. This film, exceptional in its plot, is known widely on the San Francisco rental market for its daring portrayal of a room and its sink. Note the mounting tension as the narrator moves through the single room; we reach the breathtaking climax as said cameraman turns on the sink, thus suggesting its key role in the floor plan. Note the whimpering dog in the background, a brilliant special effect, and a metaphor for the rental hunter's plight. Two snaps up.
· $1299 / 1br - Sunny Room in Centrally Located Victorian House ($1299/month) (lower haight) [Craigslist]