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The Googleplex: A Modern Icon?

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[Top: Google H.Q. courtesy Flickr user Angelo; Bottom Left: "Big Man on Campus" plop, circa 2005 courtesy Flickr user RACINGMIX; Bottom Right: Google H.Q. lounge area courtesy Flickr user Extra Ketchup]

To the Valley! The San Jose Mercury News recently deemed eight buildings worth of future preservation; the San Jose Marriott Hotel made the cut, as did the Mountain View Civic Center, and— steady yourselves— The Googleplex. In a post-holiday display of (forced) kindness, we've decided to spare the Marriott from our critical wrath. But The Googleplex? C'mon now— not even our sense of goodwill toward humankind (and its architectural downfalls) can stretch that far. Yours?
· The valley's top modern architecture [San Jose Mercury News]