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Oakland's Davie Tennis Stadium: Favorite of Whitman, Frost

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Call us unimaginative, but we've never made any deep associations between poetry and sports arenas. Dave Newhouse of The Oakland Tribune has, however:

[If Walt Whitman] were alive today, and playing tennis, he would write poems about Davie Tennis Stadium in Oakland ... Davie exudes a poetic loveliness. It is tucked into an old rock quarry, surrounded by an endless variety of trees, hence tennis's forest primeval ... Whitman would relish Davie's untarnished, verdant charm, and try to coax Robert Frost into playing doubles with him there. [Ed note: Never mind that Frost was 18 when Whitman died at 73, in 1892. Quite the match there, eh? ] Fawn Fest, anyone? Imagine the forthcoming reviews for Cisco Field. · The hidden poetry of Oakland's Davie stadium [Oakland Tribune] [since-sullied image courtesy The Oakland Tribune]