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For Rent: 'Little Hollywood' Hype ?

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This 2 bed, 1 bath house (about 1,700 sq ft) for rent in Little Hollywood for $3,150 per month seems quite charming, with stenciled hardwood in the kitchen, a fireplace, and other features. The address is not provided, but it's approximately where Blanken Ave. meets Tocoloma Ave. "This is not in Bayview or Hunters Point," says the rental agent's site—but it is about as south as you can get in town. Freeway access = good, and the seller claims street parking is easy— but getting downtown if you're a public transit commuter may be another tale. So, as long as you don't mind traveling through quite a bit of the enchanted forest to get to this oasis—or ponying up a lot of breadcrumbs every month—it may be worth a look.
· English Tudor house in Little Hollywood [J. Wavro and Associates]