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Holiday Special: X-Mess on Stroller Row

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Craigslist's "Temporary Housing/ Sublet" section has grown rather entertaining in recent weeks as owners attempt to entice out-of-towners to rent or trade residents for the holiday season. Case in point: this Noe Valley home, offered at $5200 per month (presumably, as the place is listed for temporary rental within an undisclosed time frame.) Are we wrong, or is this a bit steep for this sleepy nabe? Nice shill though, obviously aimed at the unwitting visitor looking to go urban for X-mess:

... Also like other San Francisco neighborhoods, Noe Valley has since undergone successive waves of gentrification and is now considered an upscale, yuppie area. It is home to many urban professionals, particularly young couples with young children, and it is not unusual for a well-maintained house in Noe Valley to sell for one million dollars or more ... Scene seekers beware. Baby lovers, alight!
· $5200 / 3br - #114 Amazing Views Front & Back Plus Two Master Bedrooms (noe valley) [Craigslist]