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Mission Mixed Use: the Tower Theater

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[Tower Theater marquee snap courtesy Flickr user David Gallagher]

A reader tipped us to today's (re)sale listing for the Tower Theater, the Mission landmark built in 1911 whose more recent sales history has been colorful: after closing in 1996 the building was used as a church until 2005, when it went back up for $2.5M. Though this (rather manic sounding) Craigslist post features a real dooze of a typographical error— "$2395000 OBO" is the asking price— we're going to go ahead and assume that $2.395M is a more accurate figure. (Ed. note: The thing is up for $2.395M OBO. Our occasional numerical dyslexia: revealed!) High visibility retail! Side alleyways could make great condo skylights! High foot traffic! The Tower Theater is pimping itself hard— the owner will even consider financing renovations. Not so fast there, daydreamers. The following not-so-fine print should give pause to any potential buyer: "Please check with the City Planning and/or Building Departments to see what can be done with this property." Three cheers for zoning permits! (And for preservationists.)
· $2395000 OBO!Make Offer!2Ba;Theater:Gym,Church,NiteClub,School,CondosTower Thea (mission district) [Craigslist]