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Honest Abe: Gavin Aiming for 80% MUNI Accuracy

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Well, at least we can credit the man for being honest (insert incredulous guffaw here): Gavin has brazenly announced that an 85% on-time arrival goal for MUNI is "unrealistic." His Royal Hair Gel thinks that 80% sounds just fine and well, despite the millions of public dollars it will take to get us there. Throwing up our hands in exasperation as we're prone to doing while waiting for MUNI or narrowly missing a MUNI plow job, we concede with SF Weekly: why not just keep lying to us all, Newsom? Santa Claus just might exist, after all.
· On-Time MUNI Called 'Unrealistic' By Newsom [The Snitch]

[Fantastico graphic courtesy SF Weekly's "The Snitch." Well done, intern.]