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Japantown Revamp: We Smell Condos

The SF Planning department is working with the Japantown community on a three-part plan that looks out for the nabe's future by hashing out a 20-year "vision" for the area. The city hopes to determine "regulations and standards" for the cultural preservation of Japantown, one of three remaining in the country. No stone will remain unturned: public transportation, land use, housing and economic development are to be considered. "Understanding Japantown," the first phase of the project, enjoyed quite a public turnout. Among others, priorities established in those community meetings include: opening Japan Center and Peace Plaza to Geary, retaining small business presence, providing housing for families, and addressing the proposed 1481 Post Street high rise proposal. Expect lots of development talk in the future, no doubt. We smell condos! (But as long as Kabuki spa and the kawaii stationary shop sticks around, we're cool with it.)
· Understanding Japantown: Japantown Better Neighborhood Plan completes first phase [Asian Week]

[Japan Center interior shot courtesy Big Mallrat: Guide to Northern California Malls. Hott site.]