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One Rincon Talk: Accused Craigslister Clearing Name

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[Kron 4 report on One Rincon Hill courtesy YouTube user mikewsullivan]

Snap! Yesterday's Curbed SF post on One Rincon Talk— the suspiciously official-looking site reporting on the development— has caused quite the stir: Accused Craigslist shiller, agent Michael Novia, is out to clear his name— and he's damn well serious about it, too. One Rincon Talk alleges that Novia (amongst others) is using Craigslist to spread rumors about construction/ sales, reprinting what looked like a legit (enough) Craig ad to that effect. (Oh, and PS to One Rincon Hill: Spam consists of, for instance, Viagra ads received in one's inbox— not an ad on Craigslist that you believe to be inaccurate.) Curbed SF despises Craigslist abuse— we heart Craig Newmark— and thus never hesitate to expose such gauche behavior (hence yesterday's post). We do know the name of One Rincon Talk's author, and we will not release it. However, we can tell you that said blogger is an agent, and that it didn't take too much to figure that out— tsk, tsk, bro.

Novia claims innocence; while we can't vouch for either side, really, here are a few cold, hard, factiods: Novia has reported the incident to the California Association of Realtor's legal department. He has traced and contacted One Rincon Talk's domain provider, too. Novia's rebuttal may be found here, on his own site, South of Market Real Estate. We're stepping out of the ring for now— this one's up to y'all. Let the holiday cheer prevail!
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