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New Nabe Alert: "Uptown Tenderloin Historical District"

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Do we smell another nabe on the horizon? Oh yes, we do. Papers have been filed with the state Office of Historic Preservation to creat the "Uptown Tenderloin Historical District;" architectural historian Michael Corbett prepared the papers on behalf of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic. The "Uptown" district consists of the entire 16 block area bounded by Taylor, Turk, Larkin, and Geary Streets plus surrounding extensions.

Did you know that prior to 1940, when a W.P.A. guide identified the area as the "Uptown Tenderloin," the area lacked a distinct name? Drop a "Tenderloin" in San Francisco today, and visions of crack heads and gunmen (and Tu Lan! and Luggage Store Gallery!) begin to dance through one's head. It wasn't always that way though, and proponents hope that bringing the "uptown" back into the 'Loin will help to improve it's image— if only by association. Godspeed, we say, as does Minty Fresh.
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[Image of Ellis & Larkin Streets courtesy Flickr user RuthannOC]