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One Rincon Hill Not Happy: Realtors Abusing Craigslist

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One Rincon Hill Talk is very displeased with the way some realtors are handling the sales process— updates are being leaked and units hawked on Craigslist. From the One Rincon Hill official site unofficial site:

Another Realtor has joined in with misleading advertising on Craigslist. We will continue to feature the Realtors that abuse Craigslist. This realtor does not even realize that the project is on hold and is currently in negotiations to be sold by the current developer ... If it's happening on Rincon Hill, you will here about it here at First, a bit of advice for realtors: Using Craigslist for such purposes makes you not only look unprofessional, but totally out of touch with trends in real estate sales and social networking. Haven't you people been reading the trade journals, yo? Get down with the blogosphere. Or Facebook. Or something. You'll already be well behind the times in doing so, but hey, one must try. Now, advice for One Rincon Talk: Report this abuse to Craisglist, post haste. Craig despises this shiz, and he will, without a doubt, lower the hammer on those who misuse the housing forums. Hello people! A gossip update belongs here on Curbed SF, not in the Craigslist "Housing for Sale" forum. Rincon, we commend you on the public shaming, even if said agents may be telling us something that you are not. Way to go Michael Novia of South Beach Real Estate. True pro.
· Another Realtor using Craigslist for SPAM [One Rincon Hill]

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