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Social Outcast: 903 Minnesota Street

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So, about 903 Minnesota Street . . . we stumbled upon this beaut a few days ago, plopped at the end of a long end of well-maintained— hell, even downright cheerful homes. As one might imagine, the Dogpatch Neighborhood Association is fighting mad over this crack den eyesore. In fact, complaints against 903 Minnesota were first registered in 2003 and have trickled in steadily since. The most recent was filed by the Dogpatch Nabes on June 1st; within four days it was tacked on to the thread dating to back to 2003. Bureaucratic gridlock? Def. (Are we surprised?) It is confirmed: Minnesota Street is harboring a pariah. Oh, and did we mention that it sits just a stone's throw from the Esprit Park sales office? We have the official word; now it's time to go off record: Dogpatch nabes, what the hell is going on over there?