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On the Market: 1005 Baker St.

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1005 Baker St. (at Terra Vista), a 2 bed, 2 bath contemporary-style single family home is seeking $899,000. Though a little anemic looking on the outside, the 1,561 sq. ft. ($576 per) Anza Vista property has some interesting features on the inside —a few well-lit rooms with nice hardwood floors, a fireplace, a lot of storage/work area possibilities with that 2-car, side-by-side garage. Kaiser Permanente is a couple blocks north, and the so-called "NOPA" area (which is burgeoning) is also nearby. Plenty of services, transportation, and infrastructure. The property seems nice—but perhaps still a little raw. Which is good; plenty of room for an owner to add his or her own touch.

The doughy white kitchen could use some personality; at least it's not the ubiquitous "granite counters," as decried by one reader the other day as "bound to be the formica of this decade, scoffed at in the next." In fact, the counters in this kitchen may be its best feature. Furniture might fill up this living room a little too quick. Strategic placement of such to feature the fireplace, though, could make it nice and toasty. Parking and workspace is always a luxury in the city. A little clean-up down here might help spark more possibilities for prospective buyers.
· 1005 Baker St. [MLS]