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Eater Tastings: Don't F*ck With the YouTubers

1) After wreaking havoc on the city's restaurant industry for many, many years— most recent example: the shuttering of legendary Barleycorn— Ms. Luisa Hanson has burned her way through pop cultural channels, too. Various website, weblog, and chat form hazings have finally given birth to the ultimate hate crime: a YouTube anti-tribute (see above). Eater wonders: could this be the first time a restaurateur has warranted a hate video?

2) $74 million has been alloted for the revitalization of the historical Fillmore District celebration, a well-publicized effort that promises to reinvigorate the area. In a cruel twist of irony, one of the truly old school holdovers from the neighborhood, Powell's Place, is facing eviction due not to the redevelopment of the area but as the result of a few heart-over-head business decisions. (Emmit Powell, owner of the 35 year old institution, pays more per square foot than any other restaurant in the district.) The local community— reverends, pro-bono lawyers, and the like— are going to bat for Powell, who is currently embroiled in a legal battle over his restaurant. Godspeed.

3) Eater continues its witch hunt for violators of the city's ban on styrofoam packaging in restaurants. Citations were issued to the following: Lahore Karachi, Cafe Vivoli, Rico's, Panta Rei, and 98% of Chinatown.