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CurbedWire: Curbed on Design

[Converted Engine 13 Firehouse in the Mission owned by general contractor Daniel Lucas and designed by architect John Maniscalco, as featured in 7x7 Magazine. Image courtesy 7x7 Magazine]

OAKLAND—This week was rife with RE porn and eye candy galore, beginning with Oakland resident Peter Rafanan's Eichler home, which he restored close to its original state for $300,000. Peter used IKEA cabinetry in his kitchen, and so did architect Mark Marcinik who manhandled the stuff in his Palo Alto Eichler remodel. Gold stars all around.

SAN FRANCISCO—Architect Michelle Kaufmann has outdone herself with the mkLOFT, the newest in a family of ultra-green and versatile modular dwellings. We also took a look at 650 Delancey, a conversion loft whose pipes we poked fun at and whose bathrooms we loved. Give us massive vents over a drywall box, any day. Last but not least, we launched our "Curbed SF "SWL 337" Planning Challenge." We'll spare you the sales pitch for now. It's Friday though, so get cracking!