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CurbedWire: More Public Art. More!

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["Bronze Spider Devours Small Child' (a.k.a. artist Louise Bourgeois's "The Crouching Spider" courtesy Flickr photog siznax]

EMBARCADERO—Public art is quite the topic of conversation these days, isn't it? Just today we wrote about "Wish You Were Here: Postcards From Our Awesome Future," the latest installation of the San Francisco Arts Commission's "Art on Market" program. In previous weeks we've looked at 170 Off Third's steel monsters and naked ladies, along with the "Hearts in San Francisco" project. Yeah, those hearts. This week it's all about Louise Bourgeois's "The Crouching Spider," a newly planted piece in the Embarcadero. Said Newsom at last Thursday's dedication ceremony: "I don't like this kind of art" ... "I love it." Followed by a very Bush-esque: "I'm left-handed and dyslexic, for God's sake," he said. "I have to be interested in art." The Chron's C.W. Nevius treated us to an entirely half baked op ed on the state of public art here in San Francisco, accusing the city of being too conservative about its choices in the matter. Oh, so that's how the ginormous purple head ended up in Golden Gate Park? Must have been dropped down by the G.O.P. while we were sweeping out the homeless ...