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Future Forward: Visionary Art Along Market Street

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Some of our favorite— and oft overlooked— public art in San Francisco are the posters created by the San Francisco Arts Commission "Art on Market Street" program. "Wish You Were Here! Postcards from our Awesome Future" is the latest iteration of the project, designed by artists Packard Jennings and Steve Lambert; they'll soon be installed along Market Street from Van Ness to the Embarcadero, and will live there through March 2008.

Architects, planners, transportation engineers: Can you imagine being charged with a project where your designs didn't have to conform to any standards whatsoever (codes, regulations, budgetary constraints)? These inventive, fantastical designs were conjured from said professionals' answers to that very question.
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[Image courtesy Packard Jennings and Steve Lambert via Laughing Squid]