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Storefronting: Marina Apple Store Pulling Fast One

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[This was the scene on Chestnut Street exactly one month ago to the day— a lot has gone down since then, obviously.]

This one came in so fast (as in, now) that we can only promise an up-to-date photo as soon as we are able to hightail it to the mm..maa..Marina. (Unless a kind reader cares to pinch hit, that is.) So the Apple Store had promised an opening for Christmas 2007, a claim we have felt doubtful about all along given its sloth-like construction pace. Look who's pulling a fast one on San Francisco: The Marina Apple store, on Chestnut Street, has announced its opening on November 23rd at 10 a.m.— the day better known as Black Friday. So drop those Coach bags, clear out the S.U.V.'s and Brace like you've never braced before, Marina-ites. This one's gonna be nuts!
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