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The Ploy: Esprit Park Thinks Ahead

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Welcome to The Ploy, Curbed SF's new feature, and an award ceremony for those with the best marketing skillzzz out there. Expect to see The Ploy pop up when we stumble across a clever scheme— and we're not just talking price reductions and free microwaves here, people. Thinking out of the box while designing, building, or shilling? Please, do tell.

Aside from their souped up on-site facilities, Esprit Park has turned a few other inventive tricks, several of which we've not yet come across in other developments— or at least, not to this degree. Those who have visited the site may have marveled at the sales office, exceptional in its inviting warmth and feeling of permanence. No off-site rental office space here. Gather around children, for we have a tale to tell: Ye olde sales office will ultimately be transformed in to a 3,000 square foot, $2.3M one-off home. A logical— and lucrative— design and marketing move, we say. Well played, Build Inc.