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Ask Curbed SF: No Man's Land at Hyde/Bay/Chestnut

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Asked Curbed SF is a reader help line of sorts. Send along your queries: We'll cut, paste, and distribute before sitting back to watch you all boss one another around.

Dear SF Curbed: [Ed. Note: Profession of love for us redacted for modesty's sake. Heh.] ... You've had quite a week. Get some sleep. Then after you've woken up, please explain what's going on in the block bordered by Bay and Hyde, Chestnut and (sorta) Larkin. Every time I drive by, I feel like I'm going past reserved tarmac parking for some stadium that no longer exists. Or there's something going on underground that started in the 1950s and which probably should have stopped but didn't. Is this something that everyone except me knows about? Are there parties held here that I'm not being invited to? (Obviously there are -- don't answer that.) What is that decaying mass of tar in the center? Can we build something on it and then make fun of it? Signed, breathlessly Now this is our kind of reader. City worker, developer, bulldozer operator— who has the scoop? You know where to go.

[Image courtesy the Google Street. All hail.]