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Straight WTF?: Rincon Hill Time Capsule

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The Front Steps just threw up a post on One Rincon Hill, and while the construction progress report is fun enough (or not), we were bowled over (with laughter) at the list of what has been chosen for the time capsule; it's installed in an electrical room more than 600 feet above the city. The sucker can't be opened for 50 years.

Quoth the One Rincon Hill Newsletter:

The time capsule included the packaging of the day typifying consumer products and trends — everything from a packet of Propel vitamin water to Eclipse gum, Clif bars and South Beach diet bars, to the City's own Distillery 209 gin, the chief ingredient in ORH's signature drink, The Gincon. Also added were local magazines and newspapers, as well as gossip tabloids (what will the future think of the obsession with Paris Hilton?!?!). Other items included ... a beanie baby from the San Francisco Giants. The shovel from the groundbreaking, as well as San Francisco Chronicle writer Carl Nolte's series on ORH (a.k.a. "The Building of a Skyscraper," rounded out the archive.

Beanie babies, South Beach diet bars, and People magazine. What does this say about our culture. Or no, wait— what about the developers. Question: Will buyers receive a free subscription to People and OK, too? Major selling point.
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[Shit-tastic time capsule documentary photo courtesy One Rincon Hill newsletter. Already preparing ourselves for the collective mental breakdown that will surely ensue once this thing's opened.]

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