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Curbed Inside: Esprit Park, Take 2

Curbed Inside visits the interior of a structure with an eye towards revealing its design and architecture. If you've got a project you'd like Curbed SF to consider, no matter its kind or condition, email us.

Last week we stepped inside Esprit Park and gave our readers a look at the exterior of the building. Today we're stepping inside. As we reported last week, Esprit Park inhabits several brick and timber retrofitted buildings; many of the units will retain some of those features. The sliding door above, for instance, will lead to a balcony overlooking the interior South Park. Pause with us as we notice the details.

Two penthouses have individual balconies; the smaller pic captures the view directly below. It will be entirely landscaped before the building opens.

Timber beams and some brick walls will be preserved in the units.

Upper level of a two-level building (note the staircase)

Skylights double as entrances to roof top (note view below)

· Curbed Inside: Esprit Park [Curbed SF]