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Curbed Inside: Esprit Park

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Curbed Inside visits the interior of a structure with an eye towards revealing its design and architecture. If you've got a project you'd like Curbed SF to consider, no matter its kind or condition, email us.

[Exterior construction view from South North Court; buildings on left and right are brick and timber retrofits, while the center building is new construction]

Talk of the town Esprit Park (900 Minnesota Street, Dogpatch) just recently opened its sales office: 142 units ranging in size from 1-bedroom, 1.5 baths on 1 level to 2-bedrooms, baths, and a den on 2 levels can be had for anywhere between $600 or so to just over about $1.6M. Eight residential buildings are set on 2 courtyards, one exterior (South North Court) and interior (North South Court). North South Court will be the future home of A16 restaurant and cafe; exciting news. HOA dues do not top $600, believe it or not, and cover Interweb access, insurance, maintenance, landscaping, etc. Fitness room, theater room, idyllic courtyards to skip through— all of the amenities save a pool, which you don't need anyway.

Build Inc., the brainchild of partners Doug Ross, Loring Sagen, and Lou Vasquez, has done an exceptional job thus far, if we do say so ourselves. Given the slew of snaps clogging our flash card, we've elected to parse this one out— let's first begin with the site itself, before moving inside. Team Esprit Park is a clever lot, we have found— stick with us throughout the day, and let us know if you agree.

New construction; interior view from North Court.

Brick and timber retrofit No. 1; interior view from North Court.

Retrofit No. 2; interior view from North Court.

Exterior courtyard (South Court); future home of 130-seat restaurant and cafe, A16 (expected to open in fall of 2008). The redwood trees have been preserved, and additional landscaping will obscure the view of the overpass a bit.

Aerial view of the interior courtyard (North Court)

Preserved redwood trees; some residents will have their very own redwood outside of their balconies. Sap. Yum.

New construction (including the building adjacent to South North Court) is made of pre-cut ConexTech steel— no on-site welding yields quick buildings. This section popped up in less than 2 days. Incidentally, the first set of Esprit Park homes are set to deliver in late winter/ early spring 2008.

View across 18th Street.

View of the city from the roof; note that the "dog houses" will provide access to residents on top floors while serving as skylights for interior spaces.

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