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Name That Nabe: Poll Reveal!

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The people have spoken! We asked you to "Name That Nabe" and you did. That (arguably) ambiguous area between the Mission/ Potrero Hill/ SoMa will henceforth be called ... Drumroll ... THE SUBMISSION. Yup, "The Submission" took it home with 50% on the nose, or 126 of 252 votes as of this moment. Runner up was "Mitrero" with 15.9%, and "The Potrission" with 14.3%. But oh, did we receive a few humdingers along the way.

Other suggestions: "Down Under the Central Freeway Overpass," or DUCK-FO, MiSoPot, The Seal district, LoPo, DivisiMiTrero, and Baja Noe Valley. Over at SFist we've got MISO HORNY, The Crotch, "South of Quiznos North of 21st Amendment" or SOQNO-21, the Sink, Shitplace Square, and The Taint.TODO Magazine? Gonna have to try a little harder next time.
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