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Bye Bye Green Day: Dirnt Sells Oakland Home (finally)

A cruise by Redfin alerted us to the sale of what they've coined the "Green Day House." It's true: Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt has moved his Oakland/ Berkeley (split hairs!) home on Roble Road for $1,550,000, according to the 'fin, less than its asking price of $1,699,000; the house had languished on the market since last May. A source of ours (Dirnt's neighbor, actually) reports that the Dirnt clan vacated the premises a couple of weeks back year ago, and new nabes moved in a couple of weeks back. Other factiods from the nabe: the property includes a 45 foot sauna that has apparently never once been used. Gravy, Dirnt's cat and a well-known fixture on the neighborhood pet scene is already sorely missed. Bon voyage, all!
· Rock Star’s Home Finally Finds Buyer [Redfin]

[Image courtesy Redfin; you know where the 'shoppage came from]