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Happy Birthday, Minty Fresh: Live From Mint Plaza

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And we're coming to you live from Mint Plaza because yes, the free WiFi Minty promised us is up and running at full capacity. The party is winding down (recovery time for this evening's shindig is in order, no doubt.) The gang's all here— neighborhood denizens, metrosexual chic men and women, city

officials, not-so-undercover security peeps. Everyone is cribbing the booze to an ambient downtempo soundtrack that tries to say says "yes, you are experiencing the epitome of urban chic." Hey, it's not at all unlike those featured on every damn condo website in the city! Live bands are on hand, too, as is a taco truck, cappuccino stand, and hot dog wagon— see, they still keep it real in Mint Plaza. Landscaping has been fully planted, and the orange chairs are back in full effect. Our little Mint is all grown up!

UPDATE— By reader demand, we've added a few more pics below ...

Live music! Orange chairs!

Tacos! More orange chairs!

Landscaping: planted.

Mint Plaza

1 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103