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Eater Tastings: Shilling, Scalping, Hawking

Group hug time! It's Friday, we're burned, and thus Curbed SF and Eater SF turn to one another for content comfort. After all, restaurants and RE are damn well related to one another. And so the kvetch sesh begins:

[Plywood at Blue Bottle]

1) For the second time today, no, we are not paid to shill for Mint Plaza. And yet we must give credit where credit is due: Eater delivers the props to Blue Bottle, the infamous coffee house whose strong, American work ethic has paid off: they'll be the first to open in Mint Plaza. Projected date: January, 2008.

2) San Francisco, since when do we associate our restaurants with stadium parking lots and highway median strips? Scalp yourself raw on TablePronto, the unabashed website devoted to those who wish to hawk their prime time restaurant reservations. Wow. We really do care that much about the scene now, don't we?

3) Eater SF calls Tommy Lasorda "the one man that our peace-love-dope city has always loved to hate," And yet Fior d'Italia, the San Franciscan mainstay that claims itself as the oldest Italian restaurant in America, has offered to hawk the onetime LA Dodger manager's wine collection and book. Blasphemous. For sports fans, at least.