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CurbedWire: In With the New

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[View from atop Esprit Park]

THE MISSION, DOGPATCH—We donned the hard hats more than once this week, serving up the juicy bits on Chelsea Park and Esprit Park. And it's not over yet! Hold tight over the weekend, for next week promises more— much more— on Esprit Park, our new development darling du jour.

MINT PLAZA, GHIRARDELLI SQUARE—Minty Fresh came into the world today, weighing in at, well— at a lot. While we'll stay with Minty during her early development, you'd better believe we have a new baby on the way: Ghirardelli Square. While further away from Curbed SF H.Q. than the 'ole Mint, you best believe we'll be dropping by— and not for sundaes, either.

AROUND CURBED SF—A few odds and ends: Two weeks until the Curbed SF SWL 337 Planning Challenge entries are due. A reader recently pointed out to us that the December 1st deadline falls on a Saturday. Extension! Entries are now due on December 3, 2007. (Deets here.) Oh, and in case you're blind you missed it, the Mission/Potrero/SoMa mashup has been crowned "The Submission." Remember: you can call it whatever you'd like.