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Rec Room For Rent: 457 8th Avenue

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For rent: the top unit of 457 8th Avenue; a sunny, modern oasis (eyesore?) in an Adobe desert (i.e. the Richmond). That fire escape— imagine the possibilities: horticultural projects, cat burglary, musical theater productions (cue West Side Story soundtrack). And ... then we step inside: 1-bedroom, 1 bathroom, a standard wood burning fireplace (remember the impending city crackdown on wood, folks.) Neutral carpeting, sliding mirrored doors. Glass, glass, glass. We're starting to get that pervy feeling that said 70's carpeting/mirrors/ glass sometimes to lend to the San Francisco apartment hunting experience. (Double check for hidden cameras, people.) Ah, but we'll relax for a moment, as there is a caveat: "Photos are not of actual unit available but are very similar." Give up hope at first sight of the building, or hold out for ... hard wood (floors)?
· $1625 / 1br - Open House Today For Cozy 1 Bedroom In Central Richmond(Photos) (inner richmond) [Craigslist]