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ShotSpotter: Guns, Shooters Targeted By City

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Bayview and Western Addition firearms enthusiasts: Brace. Within the next 90 days, the city will shell out $400,000 for a pilot program in your nabes. ShotSpotter (created in violance ravaged Mountain View by ShotSpotter Inc.) is a tracking device that detects within seconds the location of both gunfire and shooter. No doubt that guns are at play in SF: the homicide rate is about to top 96, the all-time high reached just two years ago. Oakland and Redwood City have found the technology successful. But here's the beef: Some local officials want to know why the Mission and the Tenderloin— two undeniably active areas, one of which is under a city-sanctioned crackdown— aren't receiving the technology, too. Can't say we're not wondering the same. What, with the development and all...
· ShotSpotter's sights set on S.F. districts [SF Examiner]

[Image courtesy SF Examiner; 'Shop-by-us]